Group 1
  • What happens with the collections I created and shared after the 7-day trial period ends?
  • The creator of the collection will still have them in their Postman account. Only the sharing and subscribing functionality will be gone until you upgrade.

  • What happens when I reach the end of the free trial?
  • You can then upgrade to Postman Pro or go back to using the free product. You can check our pricing here.

  • What do I need in order to sign up for a trial account?
  • To sign up for a Free Trial all you need is a Postman account.

  • What do I get when I sign up for a Free Trial?
  • You get an unlimited number of seats to test out Postman Pro. For 7 days, your entire team can use Postman Pro however you want to try out any combination of our resources. It enables you to explore our cloud entirely for free.

  • Can I extend the free trial period for my subscription?
  • No. Free trials are limited to 7 days and cannot be extended. You can upgrade to Postman Pro to continue using Pro features.

  • Do I have to pay something at the end of the trial?
  • No – there is absolutely no obligation to buy anything at the end of the trial.

  • Do I pay anything during the trial?
  • No – the trial is absolutely free.

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